Our Needs

At Fruitfulvine Foundation Inc., our goal is the restoration of family values

We sincerely need your help

We are seeking funding to support the organization’s mission in organizing the BIPOC Got Talent event in September 2024. In preparation for the event, we need to identify, encourage, and train Black children and youths for the upcoming Talent Show. The activities involved will include music, choreography, poetry, digital storytelling, visual art, and a cooking segment tagged ‘My Mother’s Kitchen’. The Talent show will be an opportunity for us to empower black youth by helping to identify their talents and gifting at a very early age and to help their confidence in contributing to the development of the community.

Additionally, we aim to establish a program called “Single Parent Relief” to provide a culturally sensitive environment for respite and recovery for single-parent families facing financial challenges and mental health complexities. This we will do by organizing workshops, conferences, and retreats to bring single parents together sharing their challenges and supporting one another through the process. We also plan to support them by giving them food, clothing, stationeries, and other materials to support them at different times.

We are committed to the promotion of well-being of children, youths and families.

In addition, we run a talk show tagged, ‘The Home We Built’ which has been a source of encouragement and comfort in the black community. We currently record, edit, and produce this using personal items, and we look forward to getting state-of-the-art equipment to produce shows that are of good quality and can be more far-reaching in scope in the community.

Our Projects and Needs

Caring is about giving to those who are helpless